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filmed by
Jordan Wayne Long

edited by
Matt Glass

music by
Mark Jones

Mark Jones is an Art Teacher/Coordinator who lives and works in Iowa City, IA, where he coordinates art events between schools and helps build curriculum for art classes. We became interested in Mark’s work after seeing his student-made film The Robot and the Butterfly, which was shot during school hours with over 600 students ranging from K-6 grades who did everything from building the sets to moving the characters for the stop motion animation. Mark also composed the music for his students work. We wish we would have had an art teacher like Mark in elementary school and hope this video will let others see what teachers are truly capable of. We also love that most of the things he does with his classes involve nothing more than cardboard, crayons and imagination.
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  1. If only we had more art teachers like him in our schools, and they got paid what they are worth. Good job, Mr. Jones. I am sure years from now a student will come back to you and tell you how much you inspired her/him.

  2. Jordan Long

    No Kidding Sarah. It was insane after following him around for a day. I have no idea how a teacher puts in that much effort day after day. It was exhausting just to watch him.

    I hope a lot of people see this and realize how awesome teachers can be.

  3. NickName

    So, he’s basically using slave labor to realize his artistic visions… Oh well, as long as the kids get to go home at the end of the day.

  4. Nicole

    Did you watch the video?
    Those kids decide what story they want to tell and he helps them tell it.
    I think it’s really neat that a teacher takes that much pride in what he does.

    We need more teachers like Mark!

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