Jordan Wayne Long

filmed and edited by
Matt Glass

music by
Matt Glass & Jordan Wayne Long

Jordan Wayne Long is a performance artist from Bald Knob, Arkansas who currently resides in Los Angeles. His work has been drawing attention since he┬áreceived┬áhis MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art two years ago, and its not hard to see why. Jordan’s work deals with trauma and often relies upon crowd reaction and participation. In this short documentary, the determination he displays during his performance work is mirrored in his quest for a decent sweet tea.
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  1. Great video about Jordan. Had not seen video from all of his performances, so that is nice to see. Great job editing, really liked the intro.

  2. Sam

    “You didn’t do that!” I had some WTF moments watching this video but in the end I admire Jordan’s ambition and creativity. He does some things that are pretty out there but I like the concept of putting yourself out there and seeing what happens.

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