Jennifer Catron & Paul Outlaw
Jennifer Catron & Paul Outlaw

filmed by
Matt Glass and Jordan Wayne Long

interviewed by
Jordan Wayne Long

music and editing by
Matt Glass

additional footage provided by
Jennifer Catron & Paul Outlaw
Allegra LaViola Gallery

Jennifer Catron and Paul Outlaw are two southern artists who live in Brooklyn, NY and are changing the way the world looks at performance art.

Whether it’s serving Southern crawfish and Po’ boy sandwiches out of their fish fry truck, having dinner atop hydraulic tables or giving hot air balloon rides above the New York City skyline, Jen and Paul are making their mark on the art world as a duo going to great lengths to give you a performance piece like you’ve never seen before.

Both Jen and Paul make their living outside of the art world. To pay the bills, Paul works as a Set Designer and runs a fabrication shop that makes just about anything for just about anyone. Jen feeds Paul by teaching art to an autistic boy in Manhattan. This gives them the freedom to decide where they’re going and where their art will take us next.

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