Brian DuBois
Brian DuBois
2:37am Studios
DuBois Collection

filmed by
Matt Glass and Jordan Wayne Long

interviewed by
Jordan Wayne Long

edited by
Matt Glass

music by
Let’s Become Actors
Michael Gross and The Statuettes
Matt Glass

Brian DuBois is self made and from River Rouge, a town just outside Detroit. He’s worked in architecture firms, on construction sites and dabbled in engineering. Now, he’s entering into furniture design with his 2:37am studios.

He works out of his warehouse off 9 mile in Detroit. If there is one thing to say about Brian, it’s that he is driven. He just doesn’t stop. He’s creating work that’s meant to last, and he’s sacrificed a lot to pursue his dreams. No doubt that he will get what he’s looking for.

Oh yeah, he likes to dance.

*When Half Cut Tea first started out, we had a Kickstarter to get our documentary series off the ground. Brian Dubois came to us, liked what we were creating and offered to help us get started. In turn, we wanted to tell his story. It meant a lot to us to have someone put that much faith in our company in the beginning. Hopefully, we did a good job repaying the favor.

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    Hooty Hoo! Props. Nice video.

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