filmed by
Matt Glass and Jordan Wayne Long

edited by
Matt Glass

music by

from the album “BED” on sUPERIORbelly Records produced by DIAL.81
(Blair French)

Additional Footage:
Outskirts – Pancakes: Filmed by John Ikera & Leo Hanifin
Outskirts – Rooster: Filmed by John Ikera
Outskirts – Boy’s Choir: Filmed by Travis Roozee & Marshall Selvidge
Music Videos – How Ya Do & Dead Millionaire: Filmed by John Ikera
Check Point Charlie & Sedlec Ossuary: Filmed by John Ikera

Beverly Fre$h is a contemporary artist and musician based out of Chicago.

He has broken several Guinness Book World Records including breaking the most eggs on his head and compiling the tallest stack of rap tapes. He’s performed in a variety of venues including Machu Picchu, atop the Great Wall of China, Liquor store parking lots and Check Point Charlie in Berlin. His work has been exhibited throughout the U.S. and abroad.b-freshTumb

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